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9 Beautiful and Practical Ways to Pray as a Family

A praying family is one with strong bonds – try these ideas to start the practice of praying together as a family.

Why You Should Pray as a Family

Praying as a family is an amazing and powerful thing! When we pray as a family together, we strengthen the bonds we have with one another. We also grow the faith of our kids and spouses  in ways we never thought were possible. I want my kids to pray with their families, too, and I know that it’s my job as a parent to show them what that looks like today. 

While our children are little, we parents are the biggest influences on their faith. It’s an overwhelming job raising little disciples. But, remember this—God is in control of your child’s faith. When you feel upset, mess up, overreact, and use some too-strong language (we all do!), let this truth sink in. 

God gives us the ability to parent our little ones and guide them to Him. A great way to do this every day is to pray as a family. Here we will explore nine concrete and inspiring ways to pray as a family, create meaningful moments of connection and gratitude, and build opportunities for spiritual growth.

Whether you are just starting to pray as a family or are seeking to enhance your existing practices, these suggestions will inspire you to embrace the beauty of family prayer and its positive impact on our children’s faith.

Read on for how to become a family that prays together!

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9 Ideas How to Pray as a Family

1. Morning Prayer Reflections – Pray as a Family with Gratitude

Mornings set the tone for the day ahead. When we pray as a family at the beginning our day, we cultivate a mindset of gratitude and positivity. Try out a morning family prayer routine that includes expressing gratitude and setting up positive intentions. Here are some concrete examples:

  • Gather as a family in a designated prayer space and share what you are grateful for. Encourage each family member to express their appreciation.
  • Say a collective prayer of thanksgiving. Pray as a family and thank God for the blessings of a new day and ask for guidance and protection.
  • Incorporate uplifting affirmations and blessings into your morning routine. Speaking words (aloud) of encouragement and love to one another.

2. Mealtime Grace – Family Prayers of Blessings and Thankfulness

Meals offer a wonderful opportunity to gather as a family, express gratitude, and share blessings. Infusing mealtimes with prayers of gratitude and appreciation, fostering meaningful conversations and reflection. Try these ideas out with your family:

  • Begin each meal by holding hands and offering a prayer of thanks for the food and the hands that prepared it.
  • Encourage each family member to share one thing they are grateful for or a good thing they experienced during the day.
  • Talk about the blessings you’re experiencing. Discuss how they impact your faith journey and relationships.

3. Pray as a Family at Bedtime

Bedtime routines can be a special moment of reflection as a family. By incorporating family prayer into this routine, you can nurture peace, comfort, and a deep connection with one another and with God.

  • Create a peaceful bedtime atmosphere, dimming the lights and playing soft music.
  • Reflect together on the events of that day. Share in moments of joy, work through challenges, and think about what you have learned.
  • Pray bedtime specific prayers together. Thank God, ask him for comfort and protection, seek forgiveness, and pray for loved ones near and far. 
  • You can even repeat the same prayer each night to help your little ones develop prayerful habits. 

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4. Nature Walk Prayers – Finding God in Creation

I love being outside. For me, being in nature lets me connect with God on a whole other level. So, being in nature with my family adds a whole other dimension to the magic. Praying together while experiencing God through nature is one of my favorite activities.  Here are some ways to incorporate family prayer time into nature walks or time outside:

  • Plan regular family outings to nearby parks, nature reserves, botanical gardens, or whatever is around. 
  • Walk together and observe the beauty of nature. Pause to say silent prayers of gratitude for the wonders of God’s creation.
  • Pray that God will help you and your family take care of his creation. 
  • Pray for God to deepen your connection with his natural world and—by extension—with him. 

5. Study Scripture and Pray as a Family

Family Bible studies are far from easy. But, building a family habit of studying together has huge benefits. Not only will you learn about God together, but you’ll learn about one another too! For me, the best family Bible study times always begin and end with prayer. 

  • Plan it out. Schedule a regular time each week to read the Bible and pray as a family. Pick a monthly theme, verse, or Bible character.
  • Encourage everyone in the family—regardless of their age—to share their thoughts. 
  • Begin and end your sessions with prayer. Again, include everyone (you’ll be surprised how much our littles ones have to pray for!). 

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6. Family Prayer Jars – Praying as a Family

A prayer jar can be a tangible and interactive way for everyone to pray together without the pressure of praying out loud. Here’s how to get started:

  • Place a jar in a prominent location in your home and provide slips of paper and pens nearby.
  • Ask everyone to write down their prayers on slips of paper and  place them into the prayer jar.
  • As a family, decide whether you will read the prayers aloud together or keep them private (aka, mom and dad pray!). 

7. Pray as a Family and Serve Others

Families that serve together have an extra-special super power. Yes, you’ll grow closer to each other, but you’ll also build compassion for those around you. Of course, prayer plays a huge role in blessing others through service. Depending on where you live, it can be easy or hard to find ways to volunteer as a family.

  • Work with your church or local non-profits to find volunteer opportunities for families. Most cities will have a soup kitchen or food bank, but you can also work on community clean-up projects or visit hospitals and nursing homes. Perhaps your family decides to sponsor a child or a missionary family.
  • Pray for the people you will serve before getting started. Ask God to bless them through your service and to open their hearts to him. Thank God for the opportunity to help, and ask him for more.
  • Reflect as a family on your experience. Sharing how you saw God working through one another and the people you met.

8. Creative Prayer Projects – Engage the Senses and Imagination

Creativity can add a vibrant and engaging dimension to family prayer. Art, music, writing, and dance—to name a few—are awesome ways to explore prayer as a family. But, getting started can take some work. Consider these ideas:

  • Create prayer journals as a family. Everyone should be free to make their own design and use it as they see fit. Encourage everyone to share prayer they write (or doodle) in their journals. 
  • Choose a prayer wall in your home where family members can display art, photographs, or written prayers that inspire them.
  • Play music during family prayer time, or sing worship songs together. 

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9. Prayerful Reflections – Quiet Moments of Solitude and Stillness

In addition to praying together as a family, it’s crucial to nurture individual prayer time, too. Encouraging everyone to pray on their own will reinforce the importance of pray in your family. It will also help your kids to learn how to connect with God on their own. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Encourage each family member to set aside a specific time each day for personal prayer.
  • Create a peaceful and quiet space in your home where family members can retreat for individual prayer.
  • Remind your kids to listen (yes, this is easier said than done). Help them understand that listening makes prayer extra meaningful. 

Conclusion: Embrace the Beauty of Praying as a Family

Praying as a family is a precious gift that nurtures faith, strengthens love, and deepens the bond between parents and kiddos. By incorporating these nine prayer ideas into your family’s prayer routine, you create opportunities for gratitude, reflection, connection with God, and spiritual growth. Yes, praying can be tough for kiddos to grasp, but praying together lets you model it for them in real and fun ways. And, while it might seem like our kids are distracted or disinterested, just wait until they start praying randomly on their own! I’ve seen it happen and it makes me cry a little bit every time.

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