Soak in God’s Word

Transform bath time into faith-filled fun with Bible Bath Explorers. We’re on a mission to help parents share God’s love and his promises with their kids in new, fun, and engaging ways. Join the community to receive exclusive behind the scenes access and a premium bath time gift when when launch!

What’s In a Bible Bath Explorers Box?

We all want to see our kids grow closer to Jesus. Bible Bath Explorers makes it easy to create a routine of Christ-centered activities, fun, and conversations.

Non-Toxic Toys & Child-Safe Bath Products

We’re committed to keeping every kid safe and healthy. We strive to make sure our products are made with non-toxic and chemical-free for care-free bath time fun.

Biblical Themes, Memory Verses & More

Every box focuses on a Biblical theme—like grace, forgiveness or gratitude. Each one also contains 1-2 memory verses to work on as a family and Bibles stories about that theme.

Discipleship Activities
In and Out of the Bath

We know that raising young disciples is hard work! We want to help you bring those conversations, activities, and faith-filled fun into your daily routine—whether that’s bath time, play time, or down time!

Make Bath Time More Special

When was the last time you kids let you chat with them about something real? We all know bath time can be rough, but it’s also that precious moment when they’re captive and willing to engage. We’re here to make those small moments really count. Let’s turn bubble time into Bible time, and watch our little ones truly grow.