Help Them Shine

As Christian parents, we know the most important relationship our kids have is with God. Radiant Grace Co. is here to help parents find creative, fun, and silly ways to have meaningful, faith-filled moments every single day. Let’s all shine a light in the direction of our marvelous kiddos and help them grow in faith.

Growing in Faith Together

We founded Radiant Grace Co. out of a struggle in our own lives. After spending nearly a year with our son in the hospital—and watching our two daughters deal with the heartache of being on the sideline—we wanted to build something that could help families connect, regardless of what they were going through.

For Parents

As parents, we know the pressure that exists to make every moment the best moment ever. We’re all about stepping way from those false expectations and leaning into our kids and Christ.

For Kids

Every kid deserves the opportunity to experience Jesus in fun, everyday moments. We’re working to collect and create guided, faith-filled products and experiences that help every kid grow.

Launching Soon!

Bible Bath Explorers!

Transform bath time into a faith-filled adventure. Bible Bath Explorers brings Bible stories, memory verses, and family discipleship to your daily routine. Join the community for exciting sneak peaks and get a free gift with your first box when we launch later this year.