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12 Amazing Summer Bucket List Ideas You Must Do Now

Make the season of sun the best by tackling these amazing summer bucket list ideas with your family!

It’s Time for some New Summer Bucket List Ideas

Ahhhh, summer! The kids are home from school and are ready to conquer their summer bucket list, right! Not so much. Kids rarely have a summer activities list in their back pocket. So it’s up to us parents to come up with summer time ideas that will keep them happy and busy all season long.

But, fear not!

We’ve curated a fantastic list of AMAZING summer bucket list ideas for you. All you need to do is grab your family, head outside, and start checking off these summer time activity ideas from your bucket list.

12 Amazing Summer Bucket List Ideas

Now, I recommend you read descriptions of every one of our summer bucket list ideas below, but if you’re in a hurry and need those bucket list ideas now, this list is for you:

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  1. Build a sandcastle
  2. Fly a kite
  3. Go on a nature hike
  4. Have a water balloon fight
  5. Create a nature journal
  6. Go camping in the backyard
  7. Backyard olympics
  8. Set up a lemonade stand
  9. Host a backyard picnic
  10. Create a DIY bird feeder
  11. Backyard stargazing
  12. Volunteer in your community

1. Build a Sandcastle

The first activity on our summer bucket list is, yes, building a sandcastle! There are only two ingredients for a good sandcastle—sand and water. You don’t need a beach, lake, pond, or river. Your own yard (heck even a bathtub!) will do fine.

Find a spot where you and your kids can spread out, prepare the sand, grab your buckets, and go to town! Everyone should be able to use their own imagination to build the perfect sandcastle. But, if the kids start to lose interest, try one of these fun tactics to spice it up a bit.

  • Build one big family castle together.
  • Race to see who can build the most interesting castle in 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. You’d be surprised how fast the time goes and how much you can get done in such short windows.
  • See who can decorate their castle with the most interesting items they can find.
  • Have everyone start their castle with the same shape (square, circle, triangle?).

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2. Fly a Kite

Depending on where you live, summer can be a fairly windy season. I can’t think of a better way to (literally) catch the wind than by flying a kite. For my kids, just the process of buying the right kite (last year it had to be Paw Patrol) brings enough joy to last the whole day.

Just be sure to find a wide open space, like in a park or public sports field, so that you lower your chance of losing the kite to a pesky tree. A good kite can last years and is a wonderful way to get the kids out of the house when they complain about boredom.

3. Go on a Nature Hike

Whether you’re outdoors-y or not, hiking should be on our summer bucket list. Family hikes are a great way to change up the routine, get out of your house, and explore a little. You don’t even need to live near a forest or in the mountains to make a hike meaningful. Honestly, my kids and I take walks around our block just to break up the day a little.

I love taking walks or going on hikes with my kids because it makes us slow down and appreciate the little things. Now that my oldest is six, hiking gives us even more time to slow down and talk about things we wouldn’t normally have the time to talk about.

4. Have a Water Balloon Fight

In our family, water balloons are basically a currency during the hot summer months. We love turning on the sprinkler or running the slip-n-slide, but even those can start to feel stale. Water balloons change the entire dynamic of outdoor water play.

I love using those water balloon “kits” that let you attach a dozen balloons to your hose at once in order to save time (and sanity). For the extra-motivated, we’ve also paired water balloons with teaching our early-readers some phonics skills.

5. Create a Nature Journal

Like going on a nature hike, creating a nature journal can teach our kids to slow down and observe God’s creation around us. While you don’t any truly special materials to make a nature journal, it can be a lot of fun to get a basic school journal and have your child decorate the outside of it with things they found outdoors.

That extra bit of personalization will keep them wanting to come back to it time and time again. Encourage them to not only write down what they find, but also to draw, color, or paint their findings as well! Who knows, maybe you have a budding zoologist in your midst.

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6. Go Camping in the Backyard

My husband and I have always loved camping, but to be honest, taking our kids camping always felt like something we’d never get around to. I mean, if they can barely go to sleep at home, how would going to sleep dirty in a tent work! Luckily, there are no restrictions on camping in our own backyard! Grab your tent, sleeping bags, and some s’mores materials and spend a Friday or Saturday night sleeping under the stars, but at home!

7. Organize a Backyard Olympics

For our daughter’s sixth birthday, we organized a little obstacle course, complete with a DIY wobbly beam fashioned out of lumber from Home Depot and some old tree stumps in our yard.

The kids loved it and didn’t want to stop playing on the obstacle course (even though we had plenty of other games and treats). An obstacle course can be one of many fun activities you could have your kids “compete” in for a backyard olympics event. If the idea of planning out such a day scares you, look no further than things you may already have:

  • Swing jump: Who can jump farthest from the swing?
  • Yard run: Who can run fastest around the yard or the house? 
  • Shot Put: Who can throw a big rock the farthest (be careful with this one)?
  • High jump:  Who can jump highest on the trampoline? 
  • Splash challenge: Who can make the biggest splash in the pool? 

Make sure to have some fun prizes for all participants!

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8. Set Up a Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand is practically a right of passage for every kid. There are many reasons why a lemonade stand can be an easy, fun and empowering idea for your kid this summer. First, it’ll keep them engaged with math and reading while they’re out of school.

Second, it’ll provide them with something to really own. Third, you can help them with things from around your house. All you really need is a way to make lemonade, a table, and some clever advertising. Set up shop near your house or a close-by park, and you’ll be in business (literally!).

9. Host a Backyard Picnic

As you can tell, we love being outdoors in summer. Taking lunches and dinners outdoors and having a picnic offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying quality time together. Whether it’s in a local park, by a sparkling lake, or even in your own backyard, picnics provide a break from the usual routine and create lasting memories.

From the excitement of packing a delicious spread of sandwiches, fruits, and snacks to the joy of sprawling out on a cozy blanket, picnics ignite a sense of adventure and relaxation. They offer children a chance to run barefoot, play games, and explore their surroundings, fostering a sense of freedom and discovery. Moreover, the fresh air and sunshine provide a natural energy boost, promoting overall well-being and creating a positive atmosphere for bonding and laughter.

So grab your picnic basket, gather your loved ones, and savor the magic of a delightful outdoor picnic this summer.

10. Create a DIY Bird Feeder

Looking for something fun and educational? Building a DIY bird feeder is the perfect activity that combines creativity, nature appreciation, and a touch of craftsmanship. Not only does it provide kids with an opportunity to learn about different birds, it also fosters a sense of responsibility towards wildlife. If you’ve never created a DIY bird feeder before, try these steps out: 

  1. Gather the materials: Start by collecting items such as a clean plastic bottle, wooden dowels or sticks, string or wire, scissors, and birdseed.
  2. Prepare the bottle: Cut a small hole near the base of the bottle, large enough for birds to access the seeds. Make two or three additional holes just above the first one to insert the dowels.
  3. Insert the perches: Push the dowels through the holes to create perches for the birds. Ensure they’re securely positioned to support the weight of the birds.
  4. Add the hanger: Poke two holes near the top of the bottle and thread a piece of string or wire through them. Tie the ends together to create a hanger.
  5. Fill with birdseed: Open the bottle’s cap and pour birdseed inside, filling it up to the level of the bottom hole.
  6. Hang the feeder: Find a suitable location, such as a tree branch or porch railing, where the feeder can be easily observed by kids and birds alike.

Happy making!

11. Have a Backyard Stargazing Night

During the summer, backyard stargazing becomes an amazing activity for kids. As the sun sets, the night sky reveals a stunning array of stars, providing the perfect opportunity for young ones to embark on an enchanting adventure. All it takes is a cozy blanket spread out on the grass and curious eyes turned upwards. Kids can discover constellations, learn about planets, and just be mesmerized by shooting stars.

Backyard stargazing creates a serene and magical environment, allowing kids to connect with the vast universe. Stargazing can foster curiosity and spark their imagination, while also providing a chance for families to bond and share in the magic of God’s universe! Grab a telescope, snuggle up under the night sky, and embark on an extraordinary journey through the celestial wonders above.

12. Volunteer in the Community 

Volunteering with your kids to help in the community is an underrated summer bucket list idea. It can make a significant impact on both their lives and the world around them. It teaches children the value of empathy, kindness, and giving back. Giving back also instilling a sense of responsibility and gratitude. By participating in volunteer projects, kids can learn about the challenges others face.

Whether it’s organizing a food drive, cleaning up a local park, or visiting elderly residents, volunteering provides valuable life lessons. It also provides a chance for families to bond while making a positive difference. So this summer, consider engaging your kids in volunteer work. It not only benefits others but also nurtures their character and leaves a lasting impact on their lives.

Ready to Conquer Your Summer Bucket List Ideas?

These 12 family-friendly summer bucket list ideas offer a wide range of exciting and memorable experiences. While heading to a water park or splash pad is undoubtedly awesome, best summer activity ideas are the ones that unleash our creativity and create real bonding moments.

By exploring unique summer bucket list ideas like these, we can create cherished moments that go beyond the ordinary. This summer, let’s make the most of our time with our kids, creating lasting memories and building stronger bonds.

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